Monday, August 22, 2011

Once you join my diet plan, you'll never go back

I'm alive!  The Dr. Seuss party is over (with lots of pictures to come, I promise).

In all honesty, I learned a lot this weekend.  And, most of the things I learned were about cotton candy. 

For example, did you know that cotton candy left in a car in 90 degree heat melts?  I didn't. I also never knew how hard it could be to find a place to buy cotton candy at 8 p.m. on a Friday night in a small town when all the cotton candy you brought with you melted in your car. 

The answer: the Subway inside the local Walmart.  Apparently they have a cotton candy machine in the back just for the rare occasions that a desperate party planner comes in begging for as much blue candy fluff as they can make.  I almost kissed the Subway guy.  He looked a little freaked out.

But, the most important thing I learned about cotton candy is that it's my new diet food (or it would be if I was on a diet).  The entire tub of cotton candy has a mere 100 calories.  You're telling me that I can either have a little pouch that contains 9.8 crackers or I can have an entire gallon of cotton candy?  Sure, the tub isn't quite as handy to stick in your pocket as those little 100 calorie packs, but the contents are far more satisfying.

So what about you?  How was your weekend?


  1. I had a awesome weekend but I would love to have some good old cotton candy ;0)

  2. Really??? A mere 100 calories per tub? At the Subway located inside the Wal-Mart (who knew??)

    Guess where I'm going for lunch tomorrow?

  3. Ok, actually I DID know all those things about cotton candy. Because I'm obsessed with it!! I could eat it every day. I buy little bags of it from the dollar bins at my Target. It comes in different "candy" flavors, like Mike & Ike's and Red Hots, and it's SO good!! I've also bought those tubs from my Walmart. :)

  4. My weekend was great. We had a picnic outside in the sun and I plodded along with my book.

    Can't wait to see the Seuss pix

  5. We went to TWO baseball games... it was a busy and fun weekend.

    Looking forward to the Dr. Seuss pictures!

  6. My weekend was great. I got to watch the West Memphis 3 be released, and wrote a lot!

  7. 100 calories? Doesn't sound right, but then again what do I know about cotton candy.

  8. WOW! I would've thought cotton candy would have WAY more calories than that... New diet food, here I come! Glad the Subway folks were able to help you out - clearly they are good people. Can't wait to see your party pics! :-)

  9. No WAY!! It's pure can that be possible...and I always feel SO guilty eating it. No more!

    Sandy @ Little Bitty Things

  10. I love cotton candy. I love the way a mouthful just melts on your tongue.

  11. Are you kidding about the cotton candy? And here, we are made to think it's a horrible thing :)

  12. Cotton candy machine inside a subway inside a walmart? Baffled.

    As for the calorie thing, if you melted it down it wouldn't be that much, it's just fluffed up so much. Pure sugar probably isn't the best for you though.


  13. Yeah, I don't really like cotton candy. Too sticky for my liking. :P

  14. I can't wait to see all the pictures!! :)

  15. My weekend? Boring! :S
    I'm looking forward to the pictures! :)

  16. Weekend? Who cares! I am off to find a HUGE bag of cotton cadny!

  17. If cotton candy is the new diet food, I'd be toothless in no time. :)

  18. See, it's not just your husband that is full of useFUL (not less) information! Thanks for the tip. Should I find myself compelled to leave my tub of cotton candy in the hot car I will immediately think of you and refrain! My children thank you! (Although, I wouldn't be surprised if they enjoyed drinking melted cotton candy.)

  19. @Manthy: Glad you had a good weekend!

    @Gigi: I was so surprised. But, yeah, I wouldn't fault you for going to lunch there! haha.

    @ChiTown: Wow! There's so much I still have to learn about cotton candy. But I am sort of glad to know that these tubs aren't just at "my" walmart.

    @Scot Lass: Sounds like an awesome weekend!

    @Toqua: Wow; two baseball games?! Fun!

    @Timothy: I always consider it a good weekend if I get to write a lot.

    @Inverse: 100 calories, indeed. I wouldn't lie about something as serious as cotton candy.

    @Crystal: Seriously, it might be the BEST diet food ever!

    @Sandy: I know! I was feeling guilty because I had eaten almost a whole tub of it. But then I looked at the nutrition facts and almost ate another tub!

    @Genetics: I also love the way it melts on your tongue. It's like the perfect summer food.

    @Sylar: Thanks! And welcome.

    @Aleta: Not kidding at all. Guilt-free snacking on cotton candy for me in the future!

    @Kyran: I was also baffled. And, yeah, you're probably right about pure sugar not being that good for you. But it's sooo good.

    @DWei: It's ok. I won't hold that against you.

    @Tiff: Soon! Like maybe today.

    @Sentence: Sometimes boring weekends are the best. I'm about ready for one of those myself.

    @Mary: Haha! Did you find any??

    @Laila: You just have to carry a toothbrush with you.

    @Momnextdoor: Glad I could save your kids' cotton candy. And I'm glad someone thinks my knowledge is useful!

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